Berliner Brandstifter

Berliner Brandstifter is committed to the development and production of exceptionally fine distillates which truly embody the spirit of Berlin. A native Berliner, Vincent Honrodt is carrying forth his family’s legacy in the spirits industry, rooted in the early 1900s. It was at this time that his great grandfather began distilling spirits for friends and family using only regional ingredients of the highest quality.


A German wheat distillate categorized as quality class 1 provides the alcohol base for both the Berliner Brandstifter Kornbrand and the Berlin Dry Gin. Berlin Vodka’s distillate is won from the finest French sugar beets. Through their complex filtration process, the Brandstifter spirits achieve both their characteristic purity and their mild, smooth taste. Through the process of 7fold filtration a very pure distillate, characterized by an exceptionally mild and smooth taste is achieved.

Our Products


The botanicals for the Berliner Brandstifter spirits are carefully cultivated and harvested by hand on a specially designated farmland on the Berliner farm Speisegut. The resources selected for premium processing are of the highest quality; the foundation of the Brandstifter products. The spirits are produced and hand-bottled in small batches by Schilkin. Thus every bottle of Berliner Brandstifter guarantees the highest standards with every drop.



In addition to ensuring the use of sustainable resources, Berliner Brandstifter is highly committed to social involvement and the ensuring of fair production environments. We partner with sheltered workshops in the pre-production stage. Our products can be found in selected stores and bars. Our market extends beyond the borders of Germany, reaching both to other German speaking as well as English and Italian speaking countries. Want to find out where the closest place to grab your next glas (or bottle) of Brandstifter is located? Just check out our store finder.

The Origin of Our Botanicals


The botanicals for the Berliner Brandstifter Spirits are cultivated with the utmost care, under the watchful eye of Christian Heymann – farmer and manager of the Speisegut farm in Berlin. With his skillful hand, he carefully harvests the botanicals that grow on Berliner Brandstifters very own field.