Ernst Honrodt, the Berliner Brandstifter founder’s great-grandfather was the director of the sugar factory Vossberg. Back in the 1930s, he enthusiastically began distilling fine spirits near Berlin from local grains and sugar cane. His tasty creations livened up parties on the factory premises, including the wedding of Vincent Hondrodts grandmother. The film clip takes you on a trip to the past as you get a glimpse of the times when the Honrodtian spirits flowed in abundance.


Vincent Honrodt still has memories of his grandfather’s artful achievements. It was the spirits’ exceptional taste which delighted the guests night after night. The light of the party, the spirits made for countless lively celebrations. Vincent Hondrodt explains the significance of these roots in the birth of Berliner Brandstifter, “Inspired by my grandfather, I experienced a strong urge to produce local spirits with regional ingredients. I wanted to follow in his footsteps and carry on the family tradition.”

As a young adult Honrodt had explored and tasted his way through the market, but he wasn’t able to find spirits with a character that came anywhere close to those of his grandfather. So he took matters into his own hands and, with the inspiration from family’s previous creations, developed a new spirit.